Tips for Bitcoin Trading for Beginners

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Since bitcoin’s popularity emerged, more people are involved in bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin is said to be the currency of the future, without all the hassle that our traditional money is tied to. Bitcoins are available everywhere online where you can quickly and securely buy bitcoin. Bitcoin trading can seem intimidating to those who just understand the surface of bitcoin. Here are a few tips to get you started on trading for bitcoins.

Know how much to invest

Any financial investment is bound to either make a loss or return. Usually, not everyone is so lucky as always to gain returns. This means that whether you like it or not, you are going to experience some losses. That is why it is crucial for you to know how much to invest. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose because then you’d be indebted. Consider diversifying your portfolio and save yourself from panic-selling to cut your losses later on.


Set goals

Setting a goal for each trade is highly essential for bitcoin trading. Beginners should determine in advance how much they want to make a profit, and so how much they risk losing. This will prevent you from making emotional decisions when trading, or simply to prevent you from getting greedy once you get profitable returns. Beginners need to remember that in trading, the market is not always on your side. The targets you set before trading will keep you level-headed and steady.

Study charts

It is indeed difficult to develop a technical analysis from reading charts, but if you already know the basics of chart reading and can identify the trends from the market, then you’re halfway there. Bitcoins have their own charting tool, and there might be new terms in this chart that is not in your usual trader’s chart. There are new terms in each new component such as candlesticks, order books, logarithmic scales, et cetera. If you’ve learned how to read normal trading charts, then the bitcoin charts shouldn’t be difficult for you.


Close unprofitable positions fastly

The details of this are going to sound complicated, but it has a lot to do with leverage. Bitcoin trading has a breakeven calculate in its trading interface so that it automatically shows the price movement required for profitable returns. The interest charge is applicable upfront for twenty-four hours but the first twenty-four hours are free, so traders have to make sure that they have enough balance to cover that cost. Beginner traders, who are less experienced, are recommended to close their positions if they are unprofitable within 24 hours.