Features Of Every All-In-One POS System

Just like printers, all-in-one POS system combines different technologies and integrates them to maximize value and provide convenience to the users. An all-in-one POS system is a system that conveniently delivers all a business requires to start processing customers. Although some manufacturers have some systems all-in-one, they do fall short, and some require hassles and additional purchases.

What all-in-one POS system should have

Touchscreen display

The display is tg3edy23e7du28i292oialso known as a user interface. The good thing about touch screens is that they accelerate transaction processing in both food service and retail industry. With quick access buttons and screen menus, even novice users can find their way and reduce time. Ensure you get a touchscreen display that resists grime and spills. Moreover, it should have a rugged design that withstands demanding and rough usage.

Easy load integrated printer

Although this seems to be obvious, the majority of vendors provide all-in-one products that fail to meet the basic requirements. Thus, the end user should buy and set-up a printer, instead of using an integrated one. As much you can argue that external printers are easy to maintain, based-on the defined criteria, the best pos singapore system should come with a reliable printer. It is not possible to process your customers without receipts. The easy load feature allows users to reduce downtime. They can also support bar codes, marketing messages, and graphics for logos.

POS software

They may seem obvious, but the majority of POS systems just consist of empty hardware shell and nothing running on it. Remember that an all-in-one printer cannot fax, print, or scan without the software drivers. Thus, the all-in-one POS system should have all the required features to do away with additional headaches. Ensure you choose a POS software, which is easy to install and is 100% compatible.


The right POS sytg23wedcg23wed822j2stem should provide all the latest interfaces. This is necessary to support devices, which are not integrated like PCs, scanners, or scales. This is also vital for the future expansion and enables sharing data in real time. Also, networking opens for the device sharing, remote support, processing, and office PCs.


It is a good idea to have the most secure POS system. Also, all-in-one POS system should provide the highest level of security. For instance, embedded systems will considerably reduce any form of malware that is designed to attack it.