How Education Uses Technology To Enhance Learning

Technology has changed many areas, and education is one of them. Traditional teaching and learning involved long hours spent in classrooms. Teachers and students could on interact on limited scheduled time. Technology has made teaching and learning more flexible and convenient to both parties. According to Angel web page, the time spent in learning has been reduced thus, allowing more to be covered within a set time. The cost of acquiring education has reduced and most likely will continue to reduce.

How education uses technology to enhance learning

Access to educational resources

Educational resources are easily available on the Internet. Unlike traditional mode where education was only accessible to those who could afford it, the Internet has overcome this obstacle. Anyone who has the Internet can access the information they desire to have. The education materials on the Internet allow in-depth reading. A learner is not restricted to one source. One can read from different sources, make a comparison and make better choices.


No boundaries

Physical presence is no longer a prerequisite for one to get an education. This involved long distance traveling and in some cases separation from loved ones. Teachers and learners are now able to interact virtually through apps such as Skype. Learning is done at a time that best suits the learner, and therefore one can plan accordingly. It, therefore, saves time and cost by facilitating distance learning and online teaching. Lessons are emailed to the student through who the studies and asks questions which are responded to by the instructor without any inconvenience.

Improved quality of education

There are several software built for different subjects. This software makes it easy to understand a particular subject. There are applications such as Auto-correct which helps learners to improve their writing skills and also improve their grammar. Mobile applications have enabled real-time interactions between learners and teachers thus making is easy to send reminders and seek clarification whenever necessary.

Boosts motivation

There are inbuilt programs that are helping students to tackle subjects that have been presumed to be difficult such as mathematics and sciences. Students are also capable of networking and form groups with similarly minded peers. From these groups, they share, discuss and help each other address areas deemed to be difficult. Students feel more in charge in what they are learning, and this spurs creativity and innovation.



Technology has greatly enhanced the way research is conducted. There are loads of files of information available on the Internet. The search engine optimization tools ensure that the most relevant piece of information is availed to the user within the shortest time possible. The time spent on research has been shortened.

Qualities of a good email service

Over a million emails get sent on a daily basis, making it the most prevalent medium of online communication. Particularly for official communications, people prefer to use emails, all for one main reason; they are universal. By they are universal, we mean that they can be accessed by anyone and are recognized by everyone. This is why it’s important to have a reliable email provider. Providers such as Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Mail, and tesco webmail strive to improve the services they render, making it possible to facilitate communications. In this article, we will look at some of the qualities of a good email provider.

properties of a good email service


Every service in the entire world needs a good customer support for it to their, and email providers are not exempted. You need to be assured that you will get sufficient help when you need it. Given that emails are fairly important, it is essential that any issue that arises regarding them should be solved in considerable time. By reading reviews, you canĀ get valuable intel regarding this matter.

If a provider does avail good support, then go with them. It is also important to note that some providers do provide FAQ pages (frequently asked questions), in which they answer common issues that they receive from their users. Among these issues, some solutions to minor issues are usually available.


While it remains true that emails use the same technology architecture, it would be wrong to think of all email providers to be offering the same services. While emails remain to be universal, there are additional features that you should still look for. For example, an email with proper spam filtering is suitable to keep all your emails clean and easy to maintain. Without a spam filter, an email can receive an overwhelming amount of emails that might break their functionality.


When using an emasdvnskvnsnvknvksnkvnskdnksndvknskdvsdvsdvsdvil client, whether standalone or web-based, make sure that the user interface is appealing, modern and comfortable to use. Most email providers go for a minimalistic look that makes access to different sections relatively easy even for the novice user. The interface should also transition well on all devices, meaning that it should look good on desktops and also on mobile devices. An excellent interface makes it easier to familiarize hence increasing the efficiency of sending emails.

These are some of the top qualities of a good email service provider. Make sure you take them into consideration the next time you want a new email client.